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We need donations to cover for fixed costs, which we cannot avoid such as

• Banking fees 120 €
• Notary fees: 40 € - 100 €
• Irregular this year: tax advisor: 113 €
• Depth since 2013: 332,45 €
• TOTAL needed: at least 600 €

Our total administration costs will be 350 € this year. Because of these costs, the association is also in depth. Since 2013 we owe 332,45 € to the OneOfUS Initiative and this amount will increase if we do not get enough donations to cover costs for administration. Please donate to keep the association and the OneOfUs Initiative alive! Your donation is tax deductible! To have a small fincanial cushion after we payed off the depth, we would like to raise at least 1000 €.

Why donate for daily operations? Donate for the daily operations of the NIT Alumni Network so we can:
• Organize the Homecoming Weekend
• Run our Website
• Coordinate activities such as the Stress Management Workshop, the Stammtisch and
Christmas celebration for you
• Organize the donations for OneOfUs

We can only make OneOfUs happen if the association exists!
Projektort: Kasernenstrasse, 21073 Hamburg, Deutschland



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