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The 2nd edition of the TransFormations - Trans* Film Festival Berlin 2018 will take place from November 27th – December 2nd 2018 at Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin!

A film festival that envisions transformations in moving-image narratives and centers a diverse range of voices from the trans* and gender-variant community. A space for films that have been cis-tematically rejected or put aside.

We are an organizing team of Black and PoC trans*, two sprit, gender non-conforming people who want to make a change by creating and sustaining a space for intersectional films from (but not limited to) the perspectives of Black, Indigenous, PoC folks speaking about or from trans* and/ or gender-variant experiences.

Check out our crowdfunder video here.

Each of us is also involved in other grassroots organizations and community based projects that are devoted to creating empowering spaces and producing social impact.
Some of these Berlin-based organizations and initiatives include: TransFormations e.V., The CutieBPoC Coalition and Bündnis gegen Rassismus.

The TFFB is a groundbreaking event that took place from in 2016 (November 18th - 20th) for the first time in this form.
We are building on the work of connected coalition projects that focus on self organising platforms for marginalised groups.

This time it will be a five-day festival that in addition to the films will offer an art exhibition, performances, panel discussions, workshops for film makers as well as a networking space for film makers from our communities.

It is important for us to show a wide spectrum of films about trans* lives and films from all over the world.

We need your support and solidarity! 
To make this festival possible we need funding for:

- Promotional material 
- Screening fees
- Accommodation and travel costs for some of the film makers
- Fees for performers
- Material costs for workshops and performances
- Website Maintenance

We would also like to contribute a small solidarity payment to the organisers of the festival who put a lot of work into making this festival happen.

And most of all we need support in sharing this campaign and video. 

Thank you for your support!!!!

Your Transformations - Trans* Film Festival Berlin Team
AnK, Farzada, Ford, Julius, Lautaro and Zoya xoxo
Projektort: Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin, Deutschland


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